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Artist Statement

The world is complicated. And loud. And eternally colorful. A spangly, breathtaking, terrible, majestic and amazing ball of moss, opossums, tennis shoes, wolf spiders, mountains, trash, music, temples, exhaust, church bells, bubblegum, poetry and plastic dinosaurs all rocking and rolling together towards some mysterious and unknown destination. There are peaceful pockets, but ultimately, the world is a mess.

Art is how I reckon with that mess, and with my own.

Art is conversation and translation. A reflection of the beauty inherent in chaos, in the glorious mess. My process involves music, caffeine, a hoard of deliciously colorful paint, a whirlwind of paper, and glue (lots of glue). Oftentimes there is dancing. Frequently, there is cursing. The result is mixed media collage art. I occasionally long for the pockets of peace…moonlight in the desert maybe…but that just isn’t the kind of art I make.

I believe that color is a living thing – a wild wanderer, a teacher, an interpretive dancer, a comedian, a friend. Through art, through layers, textures, bold colors and the interplay of shape and line, I work to embrace my own spectacular fumbles, the challenge of balance in complexity, and the funky metaphysics of grappling with a world much larger and more impossible than the human brain can hold onto at any given moment.




Sara Winn is a hot mess. A poet and emerging abstract artist working primarily in mixed media collage, her favorite mediums are paper and paint, and she pursues studies in graphite drawing when time permits. Under the pen name Ruby Sara she can found writing the occasional poem and dreaming about doorways.


She lives in San Antonio, TX with her family and a large, unruly garden. 

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