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If you are interested in beginning a conversation about a commissioned work, first please know that I'm sincerely thrilled and honored that you are considering my work for your space!


Please email me at to chat about your project. I'll need to know what size/dimensions you are looking for, any themes/stories/colors you are particularly interested in, and if there's any specific time frame you are working with.


Once the details are determined I can send you a quote w/ tax and shipping costs if any (delivery may be able to be arranged if you live in the surrounding area). If all looks good, then I will request a 50% non-refundable deposit, however per my note below, in the event that the commissioned work is not what you are looking for, your deposit can be applied to the purchase of an existing work in my catalog.

Commission, "Moons Over Sunset" - 30x30 on Canvas, May 2022

Here are a just a few other notes about my process with commissions:

On Abstract/Intuitive Art Commissions and Deposits

Abstract art, and particularly intuitive-based abstract art, naturally has its own considerations in terms of creating a work for a specific client. I absolutely want to create something that you love, and to that end I am happy to receive themes/stories/colors that you'd like me to keep in mind in the work, but it's important for me to emphasize that at some point a piece of art will start to take on a life of its own as I work on it; in other words, I can't guarantee the results will be exactly what you may expect. 

In light of this, I believe the best way to honor both the work and time that goes into a commissioned piece as well as the possibility that the final result may not resonate with the client is to request a non-refundable deposit on all commissioned pieces with the caveat that should the final piece not meet your expectations/needs, that deposit can be applied to the purchase of an available piece from my existing catalog at the time.

Substrate and Finishing

I work on both paper and canvas. For smaller commissioned pieces (16x20 inches or smaller), you can choose either canvas or paper as the basis for your commission.

Works on Paper can then be finished in one of two ways:

a. Mounted on 1 1/2 inch deep wood panel with edges painted. This creates a "borderless" presentation and will be wired and ready to hang on delivery.

b. Matted and mounted on foam board with archival materials, ready to be framed. In this case, you would then need to source and purchase a frame and hanging hardware for the piece yourself.

Canvas works will be on 1 1/2 inch gallery wrapped stretched canvas, with the edges painted, and all works over 16 inches by 20 inches will be on gallery wrapped canvas onlyCanvas works will be wired and ready to hang on delivery. 

All finished works will be sealed with professional grade acrylic varnish (most of the time I use a gloss varnish, which highlights the color in the piece -- if I feel the work calls for a matte finish or you specifically prefer matte, we would of course be able to chat about that).

Time Frame and Communication

Turnaround for most pieces is approximately one month to six weeks, but please bear in mind that this is an estimate, and that there are of course a number of variables that might affect a time frame (i.e. the size of the piece, shipping considerations, holiday seasons, and of course the whims and weirdnesses of life making its usual mess). Keeping an open line of communication throughout the process is a high priority for me however, and I can promise that barring the interference of cataclysmic events like extraterrestrial invasions, I will do my absolute best to a. let you know of any known issues with timelines at the outset and/or b. update you immediately if there are any changes to that initial estimate. :)

A photo of the work will be sent to you via email for your final approval before varnishing/finishing and shipping/delivery. 

If you'd like to start the process of discussing a commissioned work, please email me at and we'll get started!

I look forward to speaking with you!

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